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Find the right hotel bed for a healthy and restful sleep

Who does not know the feeling on vacation or on a business trip in the morning to wake up tired, bruised and aching. During the business trip the concentration is lacking to work.On vacation, the desired recovery effect is failing. Especially when you actually do not need back pain, fatigue, irritability and fatigue. The bed quality as well as the sleeping environment in the hotel are of vital importance for the nightly regeneration in order to be fit, cheerful and focused the next morning. I would like to highlight the significant aspects that are important when choosing your hotel or hotel bed. The scientific background for sleep and lying assessment is a constantly updated MEDLINE and Cochrane research with currently 78 listed and relevant publications on this topic in the period from 1964 to 2017.

Room temperature
Temperatures between 17 and 20 degrees Celsius (between 62° and 68° F) are ideal for sleeping when using a light bedcover. In cold countries, where temperatures rise barely over 20 degrees C (68 °F) in the summer, the issue of air conditioning is less important than in the more southerly areas.

Silence in the room - soundproofing
There is no need for a deeper explanation that a restful and healthy sleep in a quiet environment is much better than with noisy disturbing influences. Hum of the mini bar fridge, rattling of an old air conditioner or badly soundproofed hotel rooms with disturbing street noise or loud TV from the neighboring room can quickly have a negative effect on the quality of sleep.

Possibility of darkening the room
Scientific studies have shown that the sleep quality in the dark or darkened rooms is significantly better. Mainly involved in this is the body's own melatonin, which is produced in the dark at night.

-Light makes you awake-

As soon as it gets light, melatonin production returns. Therefore, a healthy sleep also includes a dark sleep environment. Blinds, shutters or darkening curtains are a necessary equipment. On very warm days or on vacation in southern countries, darkening the room is unfortunately also often accompanied by an increase in room temperature. Without the possibility of air conditioning this can affect the quality of sleep.

Bed width and length
Absolute minimum of bed width for a single bed are 80 cm (31,5 inch) corresponding to a double bed 160 cm (63 inch). The broader the better, because in the sleep we turn between 30 and 50 times and need the necessary space. As a rule, your mattress should have a length of 200 cm (78,74 inch). If you are very tall, a length of 220 cm (86,61 inch) would be ideal.

Age of mattress
Since mattresses lose their support properties over the years due to use and aging, the hotel mattresses should not be older than 10 

Mattress properties and mattress firmness
In case of side sleepers, the pelvic and shoulder region should be able to sink into the mattress so far that the spine is lying straight. When supine, the lumbar spine (hollow back) should be supported, and the roundness of the thoracic spine and buttocks should sink slightly into the mattress to maintain the natural shape of the spine. In case of very firm hotel mattresses this is not possible and it is difficult to find a restful sleeping position with frequent turning of the body. Even worse are too soft and worn hotel mattresses, which bend the spine unnaturally. Some hotels offer so called toppers. These are soft storage pads that you can hang up on the mattress, so to speak, an auxiliary solution for hard mattresses. The topper makes the mattress a little softer.

Pillow menu 
Individually different is the requirement for a pillow. The Stomach sleepers is looking for a smaller and softer pillow, the back sleeper needs a pillow which supports the natural curvature of the cervical spine and still keeps the head soft. The side sleeper requires more support, because neck shoulder triangle must be filled out in order to allow a straight posture of the spine. In some hotels pillows are offered for every need. The offer ranges from a soft cuddly pillow to a shape-retaining neck supporting pillow. Ask at the reception for a pillow menu.

Adjustable bedstead with the possibility of upper body elevation
Breathing problems
If you suffer from respiratory or heart problems, it may be useful if the upper body area of ​​the bed is slightly higher. At night this gives you the option, when you breathe heavily lifting your upper body slightly. From a medical point of view, upper body elevation facilitates the respiratory process.
Gastric acid runs into the mouth at night and produces very unpleasant symptoms in addition to heartburn. The possibility of slightly raising the upper body part of the bed (or even tilting the entire bedstead slightly sloping from the head to the foot) often prevents this backflow effect. In most cases, a discrete upper body elevation is enough to prevent the gastric juices from running into the esophagus, thus ensuring a reflux-free, uninterrupted sleep. Especially after a good rich hotel dinner, the reflux problem often occurs. A hotel bed with the possibility of a slight upper body elevation can help here.

If you have no respiratory, heart or reflux problems you do not necessarily need a bedstead with upper body elevation

Adjustable bedstead with the possibility of raising legs
Venous insufficiency
Wenn Sie unter Venenschwäche leiden, kann es bei der Auswahl Ihres Bettsystems eine Hilfe sein, dass sich der Beinbereich des Betts etwas höherstellen lässt. Damit haben Sie die Möglichkeit nach langem Stehen auf der Messe oder ausgedehnten Stadtbesichtigungen mit am Abend geschwollen Beinen durch leichtes Anheben des Beinbereichs den Blutrückfluss zum Herz zu verbessern damit die Beine schneller abschwellen. If you suffer from venous insufficiency, it is helpful if the leg area of ​​the bed can be raised a little. This means that after standing for a long time at the trade fair or extensive city tours with swollen legs in the evening, the blood flow back to the heart can be improved by slightly lifting the leg area so that the legs swelling of faster.

If you do not have any venous problems, you do not necessarily need a bedstead with leg lifting

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